Wednesday, October 17, 2012

VWF Hot Sheet #2

It's Festival Week!

Tickets are still available for all the events below and others.

See you on Granville Island!

Check out our Festival Photos of the Day by Chris Cameron.

Electric Company: Initiation Trilogy

Inspired by three provocative poetry collections, Initiation Trilogy is an intimate journey through secret locations on Granville Island. Hailed as "the future of poetry readings" by the Vancouver Sun, this innovative, highly visual show explores themes of femininity, sexuality, and cultural identity. For dates and times, click here.

Thursday, October 18

Event 40: Women and Literature | 8:00pm | Waterfront Theatre
Gillian Jerome | Gail Jones | Kate Mosse | Susan Swan

In this so-called post-feminist world, does the literary and critical environment reflect what's really happening? This panel of award-winning writers from Australia, the UK and Canada, will have a lot to say on the topic. Join us for a lively discussion with four insightful writers.

Friday, October 19

Event 43: Humour with a Bite | 10:00am | Performance Works
Anne Fleming | Chan Koonchung | Shari Lapeña | Emily Schultz | Linda Svendsen

Tickle your funny bone with a morning of satire. From political humour to authors who play with clichés, this event is perfect for anyone who likes to start their day with a laugh!

Event 47: The Ghost of a Story | 1:00pm | Granville Island Stage
John Burnside | Tess Gallagher | Susan Musgrave | Seán Virgo

Myth, allegory, folk tales, ghosts and spirits have been part of storytelling from the beginning of time. These four writers all weave in the powerful device of the unreal–using aspects of the supernatural to create modern-day tales that are firmly rooted in reality, but take flight into other realms.

Event 50: The Human Carnival | 1:00pm | Improv Centre
Anne Fleming | A. L Kennedy | Rebecca Rosenblum | Jessica Westhead

Off-kilter, slightly twisted characters are perfect fodder for fiction. You might not want to have them to dinner, but they're great fun to have in your head for a while. A.L. Kennedy's nomadic, tormented psychic, Jessica Westhead's misfits and neurotic protagonists. Rebecca Rosenblum's lonely, frail stoics and Anne Fleming's characters who have uncomfortable relationships with both real and unreal people. You'll meet the human carnival this afternoon.

Upcoming Festival Highlights

Saturday, October 20

Event 56: Forgive But Not Forget | 10:30am | Performance Works

In the face of wrongs perpetrated against entire cultures, can those involved move on with any trust and harmony?

Event 59: Chan Koonchung in Conversation with Charles Foran | 10:30am |Improv Centre

Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear first-hand from Chan Koonchung, the author of a radical satire set in China that could change lives, his own included.

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